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How often do I need to get my ducts cleaned?

It is recommended to do a deep cleaning at least every 5 years. But this can be affected by  many factors like pet presence, house remodeling projects or new construction, allergies, and others. We really recommend replacing your air filter regularly to prevent major repairs. 

Do you provide free estimates and online estimates?

Yes, we collect information about your HVAC system, measurements of your dryer vent, and square footage depending on the service.

If my house is new, do I need to clean my ducts?

Yes, duct cleaning is important in new houses because there are many particles  and pollution residues of new construction like sheetrock residues, paint fumes, etc.   

How long takes the process for a dryer vent cleaning?
Depending on the area to work, if your dryer vent is running into your roof or the side of your property, on average takes 1 to 2.5 hours.
Why hire professionals to clean my ducts?

While the choice to clean them is up to you we recommend hiring professionals who use the proper certified equipment, eco-friendly sanitizers and have the understanding to handle situations if they are bigger than anticipated. At Utah air we make sure that we keep you updated throughout the process if any issues arise and let you know the best course of action to take and ultimately let you make the decision.

Why should I be concerned with indoor air quality?

For many years health authorities and governmental agencies have raised our awareness to the dangers of outdoor air pollution and have concentrated their efforts on finding ways to reduce pollutants generated by automobiles, factories, construction and mining. Over the past two decades scientist have been carefully examining the indoor air environment of our offices, factories and homes and they have found this environment to be even more hazardous to our health than outdoor air.

Indoor air contaminants can originate within the building or be drawn in from outdoors. Particulate matter can come from far away places like blowing desert sands & volcanic eruptions or from nearby sources such as pollinating trees, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, cleaning chemicals & pesticides. If these contaminant sources are not controlled, IAQ problems can arise. Statistics show that 1 out of 5 (50 million) Americans suffer from allergies caused by substances found in the home and office. Deaths related to asthma have risen 40% in the past two decades.

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