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Residential Air Duct Services

We are always around in the Provo and Utah County area helping our customers get better air quality in their homes. Call us today to get a free estimate.

Commercial Air Duct Services

We offer commercial air duct services to any businesses in the Provo and Utah County, call us today to get a free estimate for your business.

Our Services

We use a commercial grade rotary brush, and a special vacuum system to remove dust, dirt, garbage and more. Different air systems require different cleaning applications. We will evaluate your air system to ensure proper cleaning without damaging your system.

Supply Vents - $7/vent

These are the sections of ventilation that connect from the supply trunk to the actual vent registers.

Return Vents - $17/vent

These are the large registers, usually located near the floor, that recirculate air back to the blower motor.

Supply Mains - $40/unit

These are the trunks between the supply vents and the blower motor. Average of 1-4 per system.

Return Mains - $40/unit

These are the trunks between the return vents and the blower motor. Average of 1-4 per system.

Blower Motor - $75/unit

This is the “heart” of the system that circulates the air throughout your home.

Blower Motor Disassembly - $125/unit

Depending on soil level, the whole blower motor may need to be removed and disassembled to properly clean it.

Cooling Coils - $75/unit

If your system has central A/C, these are the coils in front of the motor that cool the air.

Dryer Vent - $3-$5 per ft.

The ductwork that connects your clothes dryer to the exterior of the home.

UV Light - $249

UltraViolet light that prevents growth on the cooling coil and improves the air quality.

Sanitizer - $3-$10

Option A) Decon 30: botanical solution that eliminates microorganisms in the system and has a residual effect of up to  1 year EPA Est. #73884-IL-01 Family and Pet friendly.
Option B) Envirocon HVAC: Bacteriostat, fungistat, deodorizer Destroys odors associated with bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, animal etc. EPA reg. #9804-3 EPA Est. # 9804-OK1

Residential Camera Inspection - $120

We offer a flat rate to use our camera inspection in residential homes.

Commercial Camera Inspection

Depending on the square footage of the property, prices will vary. Terms and conditions may apply.

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